Wednesday, March 21, 2012


...if I so choose to accept it, is this:

Part One.

To be healthy.

Not skinny.


Yes, being thinner is going to be a nice perk, but I want to know that my heart is in good shape, my risk for cancer and diabetes is down and that having that bowl of ice cream is okay because I've made good choices throughout the day.

Part Two.

To be an athlete.

To crave going to the gym. Sweating. Feeling the glow of a great workout.

To fall in love with running, but still be faithful to my first exercise love, spinning.

To accept the fact that I look ridiculous while doing Zumba, but it's totally worth the calories burned.

Part Three.

To try.

To try new foods, new workouts, new things in life, in general.

To try to meet new people.

To try to run a half-marathon.

To try to not let myself get in own way.

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