Monday, March 26, 2012

Eating Well: Snacks

I spend a lot of time in my car.

One hour to work. I then drop off my husband and don't have to be to work for another hour. I either go into work early or wait in the car. One hour back home.

3x5= 15 hours spent in my car. Before making the change to a healthier lifestyle I spent quite a bit of this time eating in car. Grabbing snacks and small (and sometime large) meals to eat on the run. Obviously this is a big no-no now. I'm now in need of a game plan to curb my snacking, but still keep my body fueled for those days when I go to spin or Zumba as soon as I get home.

Part one of my plan is to pack the night before. I have a limited amount of time in the morning to get ready and sometimes grabbing everything just isn't possible before we have to be out the door. So my coffee mug, tea bag, Truvia, single serving of granola and water bottle go into the lunch bag the night before. My Greek yogurt has a special shelf in the fridge, which makes it easy to grab.

Breakfast= done.

Lunch is served at the school I work out. I eat a large serving of veggies, a salad and fruit (if it is available) and this usually filling until about 3 o'clock. I eat dinner anywhere from 6-9, and have at least 2 to 3 classes a week which I leave for as soon as I get home. What's needed? A healthy small snack that keeps me going until dinner.

I have a few ideas, such as peanut butter with apples/celery, dried fruits, small amount of meats with some whole wheat crackers, and popcorn. But I feel like I'm missing a whole world of all sorts of great, filling snacks.

I need ideas! What are some of your best snack ideas?

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  1. I hate being so busy and being gone.. It prevents me from making healthy food choices.. I try to cut up fruits and vegetables before hand.. Try to have apples, bananas and protein bars on hand. .Those are things you can always throw in the purse.. I like cheese sticks too..



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