Thursday, March 22, 2012

For the love of running

Last year at this time, there would be no way on earth that I would be running. Not that I was against it or anything. I just didn't run.

Unless the possibility of being chased was present. Then you had better watched out because I was fast.

But then last October I had an old roommate move back into town and I began hitting the gym with her almost daily. And she, my friends, was a runner. A "Yeah I do seven miles in four minutes, what's it to you" kinda runner. And I began to become very envious of this talent. So I tried it.

Did I love it? No.
Did I like it? Kinda.
Could I stand to do it? Yeah.

I ran at the gym for a month straight and let her talk me into signing up for my first 5k. I trained for it-- running 1 mile, 2 miles and then 3.1 (to make sure I wasn't going to die before I made it to the finish line). The holidays began to hit, though, and my running became second to travel and family. So by the time my race came I wasn't as prepared for it as I would have like to be, but I climbed out of bed and put on my shoes and new jacket with thumb holes.

I went. I stood in line. I ran. I walked. I crossed the finish line, feeling proud of myself. I knew my time wasn't great, but as a non-runner, I was happy.

3 months and 2 5ks later, I still find myself running. I'm becoming faster and I love race days. The excitement of crowd while waiting for the gun is thrilling. While it's now only a 5k, I have dreams for an 8k, a 10k and eventually a half-marathon. Maybe even a sprint tri.

Do I love it? Kinda.
Do I like it? Yes.
Can I stand to do? Of course.

I'm hoping as times goes on, my ability to run and love for the sport will continue to grow.

What sports or fitness activities have you had to give a second chance?

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